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Published on August 3rd, 2016 | by admin


Myfintec.com Review – Start Your Cryptocurrency Trading With MYfintec

Myfintec Broker Review

MYfintec – Even though Bitcoin was introduced in 2009, cryptocurrencies didn’t really gain much recognition until its meteoric rise in 2017. Overnight, people became millionaires, thanks to their investment in this pioneer cryptocurrency. It is not surprising to know that blockchain technology’s benefits are being recognized and it is being incorporated everywhere. Suffice it to say, cryptocurrency is going to be around for a long while due to which more and more people are looking to put their money in it. However, there is one major problem with cryptocurrencies; as they are still mostly unregulated and volatile, finding a broker or exchange for trading purposes is difficult.

There is no lacking in options, but you don’t want to deal with just any broker; obviously, you want someone reliable and trustworthy and this is what you get by choosing MYfintec, owned by Kin Ltd. A considerable number of cryptocurrency and forex traders have begun to use its services for their trading needs.

Why should it be considered? Here are just some of the ways it can aid traders in their cryptocurrency trading as well as when they wish to trade other assets:

An easy to use trading platform

Most people would expect MYfintec to be powered by MetaTrader4 as it is common amongst brokers and trading exchanges. However, they have chosen to be a little different as MYfintec is powered by Tradologic Contract for Difference (CFD) software. This is an excellent choice because it is an easy to use platform that can be handy for those who are new to the trading world and offer a smooth and seamless environment and experience to the professional traders as well. Moreover, the platform also comes with a variety of strategies and tools that can be helpful and is lightweight.

Multiple payment methods

You have to have funds to start trading in the cryptocurrency or any other market and they needed to be added to your account. One common complaint regarding brokers is that they can only offer limited methods of making deposits and withdrawals that can often make trading a lot more hectic than it needs to be. This is why MYfintec has chosen to offer its users variety in terms of payment methods too. It support MasterCard and Visa so you can use either your debit or credit card. The charges might be a bit high, but these transfers are immediate. In contrast, bank wire transfers can take up to a week for processing. The first withdrawal of a month is free of charge.

Several account options

The rapid increase in popularity of MYfintec as the broker of choice for cryptocurrency, forex and also commodities and stock trading is due to the availability of several account options on the platform. The different kind of accounts are designed to cater to the needs of different levels of traders and this has added to MYfintec’s appeal. You can make one of five accounts and each gives you access to a horde of features that can be useful in your trading journey. The account options you can find on MYfintec are:

Basic Account: Leverage of 10% and minimum deposit requirement of EUR 500. It is best suited for the very beginners with no past experience in trading, whatsoever.

Silver Account: Leverage of 20% and minimum deposit requirement of EUR 2,500. This account is for traders who have made some trades and are willing to handle more risk.

Gold Account: Leverage of 30% and minimum deposit requirement of EUR 10,000. This option is ideal for traders who have been seasoned a bit and can afford to put in more.

Platinum Account: Leverage of 40% and minimum deposit of EUR 50,000. It is best suited for traders who are experienced enough to be called experts and are skilled in making trades confidently.

Diamond Account: Leverage of 50% and minimum deposit of EUR 250,000. This account is for those who are now professional traders and handle huge transactions on a regular basis.


MYfintec has chosen to create a reliable security structure for its platform as it is fully aware of its importance for traders. Even the smallest of hacks can cause financial and personal information to be compromised and lead to huge losses and problems in the long run. 256-bit SSL encryption ensures that no third parties are accessing information on MYfintec and firewall helps in keeping them out. As for finances, they are kept secure with investment grade banks and are monitored closely.

Customer Support

Another major problem often associated with online brokers is their lack of reliable customer support. MYfintec has made its customers a priority due to which they have a full-fledged customer support team that is ready to assist traders when needed. They have provided several options that can be used to reach out to them such as Skype, email, live chat and also via online contact form. Quick and detailed responses can be obtained and the team is dedicated to solving any problems that the users might experience.

While these elements are certainly what have helped MYfintec in becoming popular, its ability to cater to traders interested in other markets has also helped it in gaining exposure. Forex trading is certainly up there as you can trade some exotic currency pairs with ease via MYfintec like South African Rand, Turkish Lira, Singapore Dollars and more. Cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin and Bitcoin are available, but you can also trade in stocks or choose to put your money in commodities like coffee, wheat, corn and indices as well.

You can also get access to an education center on MYfintec as it is aimed at ensuring that you are ready to start trading.

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